Thanks for taking time to visit my page. My name is Hope and I’ve been on a journey to find hope.

Both literally and figuratively. I would like to say that I wasn’t lost, but I was. I’m still in the process of figuring out who I am and what I’m meant to do and I’ve met many others who are also in the same space, trying to figure this life out. I’ve learned a few things on my journey towards health and maybe some of those things can help you too.

I’ve also lived without hope that my situation could change but I’ve learned how to make those changes and I invite you to come along on the journey with me. Who knows where we’ll end up but we can learn to enjoy the process together along the way.

One of my goals is to be a hope dispenser to help you to learn how to achieve your health goals.
True health encompasses your spirit, your mind, and your body. It also includes your finances, relationships and self-care. So those are the things we’ll talk about the most.

There is hope for you and it’s important for you to not only know it but believe it!

Jeremiah 29:11 says, For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

There is more to come as this is just the beginning. I would love to have you on the journey with me! Just enter your contact information below to get my latest articles delivered to your email address.

Choose to begin your where you are. Choose hope.

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Here’s Hope

Here’s Hope

Several years ago, my husband and I decided to make a change in our lives.

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We made the decision to change our eating habits. Robert had been a personal trainer in the past so exercising was not new to us. But my view had been that my reason to exercise was so that I could eat whatever I wanted. And for a while, I seemed to be able to do that without too many side effects. But then things started to change. I started to put on a few pounds, I felt ‘shaky’ after many of my meals, and I had a headache more days than not. So I knew I needed to make a change.

You can read about the day my life changed forever here.

A few years later I read a book, The Maker’s Diet,  that also had a huge impact on my food choices. One thing led to another and pretty soon I was trying to grow my own food!

Well, I’m still trying to grow my own food, but I’m thankful for the farmers and the grocery store because otherwise our family would be very hungry and have to live off of kale and sweet potatoes.

Check out my 2lb sweet potato! We grew this in our garden in 2017!

As I learned more and more about how our food choices affect our health, I started following different blogs. I would often think about how I would enjoy getting my newly learned information out to others who were searching. But I didn’t want to be limited to only food and physical health because I’ve also learned through this process that true health is about much more than what you eat. True health encompasses all areas of life including, relationships, emotions, finances, spirituality as well as food choices.

So I decided years ago that I wanted to start a blog but I didn’t know how and wasn’t sure anyone would want to read it. I’m still not sure anyone would want to read it but I enjoy it either way. My introverted personality has made it challenging to allow others to see my true self but God is leading me onto this path so I hope that it helps someone else.

Robert and I have been on many journeys (health, financial, relational, spiritual, musical) together and some of those lessons we have learned could be helpful for other people. Maybe they can keep someone else from making the same mistakes or maybe help someone else who is going through something similar.

There is more to come as this is just the beginning. I would love to have you on the journey with me! Just enter your contact information below. I promise not to spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time. Thanks for reading!


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